Live life on your own terms

Propane Service and Delivery for Families in Northern Louisiana & Southern Arkansas

Power on Demand

Reliable Service

No Hidden Fees

No one wants to be limited to electricity

When an all-electric home loses power, they lose everything— lights, heat, hot water— even the ability to cook

Propane delivery in the wintertime can take forever

Power bills can skyrocket based on the time of year

Scheduling propane service can be really difficult

You deserve reliable power and a fair price without hidden fees.

Our customers are never locked into a bad contract, plus our delivery and service routing makes sure that they always have propane when they need it.

Be confident to live on your own terms.

Have Power on Demand

Propane will always be there to provide your home with power- even when the grid is out.

Never Pay a Hidden Fee

Our prices are clearly laid out upfront so you always have the full picture.

Service is Always Available

We have more delivery drivers and service technicians on staff than anyone else around.

Where do I start?


Connect with a Team Member

We will talk through your project and find the right services for your home.


Schedule an Appointment

A service technician will come out to your house at no charge and provide an estimate for your services.


Get your Propane Tank Installed

Our technicians will deliver your tank, install your gas line, and perform all of the necessary safety tests.

At O’Nealgas, we:

Have a real person answer our phone.

Train the most knowledgeable service technicians.

Employ more delivery drivers than anyone else.

The largest family-owned propane service company based in Louisiana.

Built a business model on customer satisfaction.

Have average customer retention of over 20 years.


Why Work with O’Nealgas?

We know that you want to make sure your family is always safe. To do that, you have to have a reliable source of energy for your home. The problem is that when the power goes out an electric house loses everything—lights, heat, hot water, and even the ability to cook— which makes you feel totally helpless.

The truth is that your family should never worry about being without power.

We know what it’s like to want to keep your family safe with a reliable source of energy. That’s why we have more delivery drivers on staff than anyone else, train the most knowledgeable service techs, are the largest family-owned propane service company in Louisiana, and don’t charge hidden fees—ever. This results in our average customer staying with us for over 20 years. We can help you too.


Here's how to get started:

  • 1 Connect with a team member
  • 2 Schedule an appointment for us to come to your house and provide an estimate
  • 3 Get your propane tank installed

So, request your propane service today and, in the meantime, download our free video “3 Ways Propane Protects Your Home”.

Don’t put your family in a situation where they have to go without power. Rather, have electricity on demand, peace of mind about your family, service that’s always available, and confidence to live life on your own terms.

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